Welcome to Garbageboy.com, the leader in ring worn wrestling wardrobe and props. This online institution was created to pay homage to the legends of yesterday, superstars of today, and pioneers of tomorrow. We have stuff from Dusty to Rey to AJ. A steel chair with a dent the size of a superstar's skull? Yup, got it. A towel used to soak up a legend's blood. Oh yeah. How about an outfit worn at one of the major PPVs? You know we do. So feel free to wander around this digital locker room and see one of the greatest collections of wrestling memorabilia the Internet has to offer.

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David Von Erich:
Von Erich World Tour 1984 satin jacket

Recently Added:
Kevin Nash:
Silver "Diesel Power" singlet (In Your House 1996)
Mick Foley:
Mankind mask
Booker T:
Black trunks with BT flames logo (Survivor Series 2002)
Rey Mysterio:
Blue, silver and black mask
Rey Mysterio:
Orange, silver and black mask
Rey Mysterio:
Purple, silver and black mask
Eddie Guerrero:
Black, blue and gold "Latino" tights (Judgement Day 2002)
AJ Styles:
Silver and purple trunks and entrance attire (Bound for Glory 2006)
Eric Young:
Team Canada tights and jersey
The Rock:
Black, gold and purple Brahma Bull trunks (SummerSlam 1998)
AJ Styles:
Red trunks and entrance attire (2005 PPVs)
Chris Benoit:
Blue and black claw print tights (Wrestlemania XX)
Kurt Angle:
Red, white and blue star singlet (SummerSlam 2000)
Shawn Michaels:
Red and silver HBK trunks (Royal Rumble 2003)
Christian Cage:
Blue spandex tights (Summerslam 2000: TLC)
Cactus Jack:
Black "Cactus" tights
Daffney Unger:
"Hunger for Unger" black tank top
Lance Storm:
Blue and black tights (Barely Legal PPV)
Christopher Daniels:
Black and white entrance coat (Triple X)
Frankie Kazarian:
"The Coolest" white tights with FK green print
AJ Styles:
Blue and black trunks and entrance attire (Against All Odds)
Christopher Daniels:
Blue and black trunks (Against All Odds)
Kwee Wee:
Pink trashcan lid
The Giant:
Signature black singlet
Boston Brawler:
Torn Red Sox shirt and cap
Adam Bomb:
Nuclear singlet
John Cena:
Ring worn boots with autograph.
Ted DiBiase:
Million Dollar Man black and gold entrance suit
Dusty Rhodes:
Common Man yellow and black polka dot trunks and top