World Wrestling Entertainment
Founded: 1952
Finished: ????
Headquarters: Stamford, CT
Programs: Raw, Smackdown
Recently Added:
Kevin Nash:
Silver "Diesel Power" singlet (In Your House 1996)
Mick Foley:
Mankind mask
Booker T:
Black trunks with BT flames logo (Survivor Series 2002)
Eddie Guerrero:
Black, blue and gold "Latino" tights (Judgement Day 2002)
The Rock:
Black, gold and purple Brahma Bull trunks (SummerSlam 1998)
Chris Benoit:
Blue and black claw print tights (Wrestlemania XX)
Kurt Angle:
Red, white and blue star singlet (SummerSlam 2000)
Shawn Michaels:
Red and silver HBK trunks (Royal Rumble 2003)
Christian Cage:
Blue spandex tights (Summerslam 2000: TLC)
Boston Brawler:
Torn Red Sox shirt and cap
Adam Bomb:
Nuclear singlet
John Cena:
Ring worn boots with autograph.
Ted DiBiase:
Million Dollar Man black and gold entrance suit
Dusty Rhodes:
Common Man yellow and black polka dot trunks and top
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